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We are an online store based in Milwaukie, OR. Doggie Zoom Zoom is committed to offering high quality, grain free, organic ingredients, and 100% Full Spectrum CBD treats for your furry loved one.

Doggie Zoom Zoom was formed from a loving passion for dogs. We have three of our own. We have Chase, the handsome Lab Mix. Posey is a beautiful Mini Australian Shepherd. Last but not least, we have Hunter who is the fearless Chiweenie and our logo. All of them are rescue dogs. We love our “kids” with all our hearts and make sure they are always healthy and happy.

That is the motivation behind the foundation of our business.
Our handsome lab mix Chase and our beautiful Mini Australian Shepherd Posey both have allergies along with Arthritis, Anxiety, Hip Dysplasia, and Joint Pain. So, they require a Grain Free diet plus they both were on several, expensive, prescription drugs that worked some of the time but didn’t know the side effects or what the chemicals are doing to their liver.
We did research and found CBD. Since using CBD they no longer have to use the expensive prescribed medications for their ailments. Chase is now able to run up and down the stairs and play with his favorite ball in the yard. Now, mind you, he is 11 years old so when we say he runs up and down the stairs, as well as he can due to his age!  We also want to do the same for your furry loved ones as we know life with a dog is a much happier and carefree life.

Our goal is taking 20% of the proceeds from this business to go towards purchasing land to build a shelter for dogs. We will rescue dogs that are currently in high-kill shelters and train them to be service dogs, emotional support dogs, dogs for the elderly, and for PTSD patients. Our shelter will be NO KILL!! If you have any questions contact us via the contact us page on this website.