DoggieZoomZoom was formed from a loving passion for animals. We offer top quality professional dog walking, dog training, pet boarding at our home and drop-in services. We believe every dog and every cat matters. Our motto is “Compassionate Care with Love”.

We will treat your pet as if they were our own. While in our care you can expect your pet to be treated with love. We are happy to work with dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and personality. We are happy to work with and have experience working with dogs who have separation anxiety, leash aggression, and general anxiety. Our practice is to only board dogs from one household thus making it easier for us to work with dogs that may experience anxiety or behavioral issues. That is why we say at Doggiezoomzoom that every dog and cat matters because they truly do.

We believe in POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT at DOGGIEZOOMZOOM. As my awesome mentor Telani from Cooperative Canine says, “Behavior goes where reinforcement flows.” Therefore, we will never use prong collars, shock collars, bark collars, or any other kind of aversive treatment when working with your dog or cat.

Safety is also a top priority for us at Doggiezoomzoom. We take safety very seriously when walking your pet. We pay very close attention to our surroundings while walking your dog so as to be aware of anything that may cause your dog to become startled or frightened. We are also very safe if we need to walk your dog when it is dark. We will use a headlamp as well as a light up for your dog when walking at night. We are also CPR and First Aid certified.

My goal is that 20% of the proceeds from this business will be donated to help train dogs to be service dogs for people with PTSD and Traumatic brain injuries. Also as I gain experience with training dogs I hope and dream to eventually help owners who may want to train their dogs to be service or emotional support animals. If you have any questions, contact me via email at