So, I wanted to share how CBD works and this has to do with our Chiweenie, Hunter.  Last night I was vending at the Moreland Farmers Market here in Portland, Or (Sellwood) Date was June 26,2019.  Half an hour before the market ended it started raining.  But not just raining there was Loud Thunder and lightening.  So, our first thought was we need to get home and make sure our babies are ok.  We were able to close down and leave early… So, we left and zoomed home.  Now, thunder is very loud almost like fireworks and our dogs go crazy!  I mean Hunter is running behind the couch while crying in fear.  Our Lab Mix, Chase, was pretty chill which is odd.. We remembered that we gave Chase CBD before we left because we keep him on a regimen due to his ailments.  However, Hunter doesn’t need to be on a regimen and we use CBD on him only when he needs it.  So, Hunter is running to us and freaking out.. So, the first thing I said was “Give him CBD Cookies now!”  So, we gave him 1 cookie.  So, we gave him a cookie and of course had to give Chase some as well..The thunder is still BOOMING LOUD!  So we turned on the TV loud and I said let us be sure he has enough to calm him down.. I gave him one more cookie to be safe.. Let me tell you… now he hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I knew it would take affect soon.  Within a couple minutes he just walked up to me like nothing was happening.  His breathen leveled out.  He wasn’t shaking and was giving me kisses like we just got home and nothing was happening.

You know our main focus was Chase.  We just wanted him to be free of prescription drugs and CBD does that.  We are not saying CBD cures anything.. That hasn’t been discovered yet.  But, when we see CBD at work fast?  It still blows our minds!  So, do the research then message us when you are ready to try it out on your pup!  Thank you.